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The Emerald Peacock is in a great spot in Melbourne’s CBD on Lonsdale Street. It’s been around for a few years, it’s got a great rooftop space and on paper it’s a perfect summer drinking spot. But something is missing. I want to like this place so much, but it seems to lack heart in some way.

The music is certainly an issue. Whenever I’ve come here they seem to have playing the bar-equivalent of elevator music. Like the background music you’d hear playing on a b-grade film. Or on Neighbours.

Also, being the cocktail-snob alcoholic that I am, I find their drinks a little light on the alcohol. The big fail in my books however was when I saw the bartender making a cocktail with egg white… powder. Um, no. For a bar that supposedly prides itself on their cocktails, I was shocked and disturbed. I live in hope that this place improves, but they have quite a few things to fix before I love it.

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