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In the search to find beauty products that are environmentally friendly, I sometimes find that quality is sacrificed. Many times I’ve tried “all natural” products that may be great for the earth, but fall short in their purpose. Or perhaps serve their purpose, but they’re just not quite as nice as their less-than-ethical counterparts.

My first review of palm oil-free hair care is Tinderbox, a Western Australian company with a focus on natural, herbal products that deliver an “experience” of healing and well-being. The company is also committed to environment and wildlife protection. I purchased a bottle of their Green Tea & Chamomile Shampoo, and their Honey Myrtle Conditioner ($16 each, for 300ml).

Firstly, I fell in love with the packaging of these products. The native animals illustrated on the bottles are a beautiful touch, and reminder of why it’s so important to tread as lightly on the earth as we can. But how did the products rate in their purpose?

The shampoo, which is for “normal hair”, did a good job. It didn’t suds up as much as a regular shampoo, but it certainly cleaned. It smelled devine, with an array of essential oils — neroli, sandalwood, lavender — to name a few. It struggled a bit when it came to cleaning my chlorine-soaked hair after a swim, though when I shampooed again my hair sort of felt stripped, or cleaned too much (you know that feeling?). But perhaps that was a combination of the shampoo and the chlorine. I give it 7/10.

The conditioner I was more impressed with. I was surprised at how creamy and luxurious it felt, and it left my hair feeling nourished. The olive oil in the product rinsed out without residue, and the honey myrtle essential oil was invigorating. 8/10.

Overall I’d recommend these products. I will continue to use them, however I will be on the lookout for another range to try. I would like to find something that isn’t quite as expensive, and a shampoo that is a little gentler.

Tinderbox is an admirable company for their dedication to the environment and providing holistic products, so they get two thumbs up from me!

To check out the range for yourself, click here.