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Museum foyer

A few weekends ago I woke in NYC to torrential rain and unseasonably cold weather. Determined not to spend the following days cooped up in my apartment, I made a bee-line for the Megabus, and 4 hours later I was in splendid, sunny Washington DC.

Having made zero-to-few plans, I wandered out of Union Station and down towards the Capitol. One of the things I love about DC is that it’s such a joy just to wander around. Unlike New York, there’s no bustle or shoving, and though it’s tourist-packed, there’s enough space to keep people out of yours.

On the far side of the Capitol building, at the start of the National Mall’s many museums and galleries, is the United States Botanical Garden. Dating back to 1820, it is the oldest botanical garden in North America. Not only is walking through the living museum like stepping into paradise, it is a place to discover fascinating plant species, many of which are important not only to the planet’s eco-systems, but also to humans in economic, cultural, and medical circumstances.

Best of all, it’s a sensory pleasure — the array of beautiful flowers and smells is what captivated me most. Here are some snaps of the pretty plants — mainly orchids, I can’t resist them!