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Moon Rock detail, Space WIndow

For people visiting Washington DC this week, hopes of seeing the Air & Space Museum’s wonders are looking to be dashed with the US government shutdown closing all Smithsonian museums.

Hope is not lost entirely though, for a rather special window at Washington’s National Cathedral features a moon rock, brought back by Neil Armstrong, within its beautiful stained glass design.

The window is not the only ode to space in the cathedral. Look carefully upwards and you may spot some space-themed designs worked into the masonry. Free guided tours are recommended in order to spot them all.

Venturing into the realm of space fantasy, a grotesque of Darth Vader can also be spotted high up on the cathedral’s northwest tower.

A magnificent sight to behold, a visit to America’s second-largest (and the world’s sixth-largest) cathedral is a must for space and architecture enthusiasts alike.

Darth Vader

Space Window photo courtesy of space.com

Darth Vader photo courtesy of nationalcathedral.org