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Espresso Martini

Lord knows how or why it’s taken me this long to combine two of my loves – coffee and alcohol – into one delicious drink, but I’ve discovered it now and there’s no going back. I’ve tasted the concoction from four different spots in the past week!

My inaugural espresso martini hit the tastebuds at SW9 Bar, near Brixton tube station. SW9 is a really nice spot for a quiet drink. Later that night, after a delectable eaton mess cocktail (!!!) I sampled an equally delicious espresso martini at Seven at Brixton, a bar located inside the Brixton Market. This place was really fun. I’d never been to Brixton Market; I’ll be sure to return.

This past weekend I visited York, and while there checked out Jamie’s Italian. To be honest, the less said about the food the better (Maybe an off night? Did I order the wrong dish?), though what I will say is that they make a pretty decent espresso martini.

The most recent espresso martini sampling occurred at The Caley Bar, located in The Caledonian Waldorf-Astoria in Edinburgh. I have a thing for posh hotel bars, and this one was quite nice. Very comfy chairs, solid cocktails.

For now, my body needs to recover from my first week of drinking like a Brit. Living in the US, I forgot just how much of a sport it is here! I look forward to this espresso martini love affair continuing after a mini health-kick. Whether that’s possible in Scotland is yet-to-be-seen…