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As the world of Walter White slowly shrinks in the rear-view mirror of our TV lives, Breaking Bad fans keen for a sense of nostalgia shouldn’t miss the Museum of the Moving Image‘s exhibition of the show.

Until Sunday, MoMI in Queens is displaying “From Mr Chips to Scarface: Walter White’s transformation in Breaking Bad, which examines the metamorphosis of lead character Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston in his career-defining role.

Featured are a number of costumes; a side-by-side comparison of Walt—the schoolteacher and Heisenberg—the drug lord prompt viewers to contemplate just how different—or similar—the two personas really are.

Of the many props on display, key items include the ominous pink teddy bear, which reoccurs throughout the series, and the inscribed Walt Whitman book, which played such a pivotal role in season 5. A vial of ricin alongside a packet of cigarettes, as well as a bloody box cutter are sure to spark visitors’ interest and memories of malicious events in the show.

A must-see for Breaking Bad fans, the exhibition closes October 27.