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Pre-work coffee rush.

The coffee heroes came to my aid last week by way of the delightfully “So Melbourne” pop-up precinct that’s gracing the fancy end of Collins Street these days.

Rue & Co. consists of St. Ali’s coffee outpost (is it an outpost if it’s further “in” than the original?), along with pop-up versions of Chris Lucas’s Kong and George Calombaris’s Jimmy Grants’ establishments. Though it was sadly too early in the morning (and I was running far too late) to try the latter two, my soy flat white was as good as any in town, and the Mexican-style corn fritters they serve at brekkie were delish.

Throw in a heated courtyard and a barista who calls you “darl”, it’s a surefire way to turn a bad day around.

You’ll find Rue & Co. at 80 Collins Street, near the corner of Exhibition.

Corn Fritters